Amazing Benefits Of Chia Seeds For Skin

A super food, a wonder beauty product, a one-stop-ingredient for any kind of health issues- there are many monikers that have come to be attached with chia seeds. Their nutritional and health value aside, chia seeds is truly that one magical ingredient that can put all your beauty woes to an end

Nutritional Value Of Chia Seeds:

  • ✔ Chia seeds are loaded with the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants that help in keeping the skin bright, young and beautiful
  • ✔ It comes packed with many other minerals and nutrients like magnesium, copper, iron and vitamins that are essential for growth of a healthy skin
  • ✔ Chia seeds are also powerful stress busters that keep the skin happy
  • ✔ These seeds are also a powerful replacement for those with dairy intolerance as they have a very high calcium reserve and make the skin glow

Benefits Of Chia Seeds For Skin

Prevents Premature Aging For those who have dry skin, there is always a fear of premature skin aging with fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet setting in earlier than usual. Chia seeds for skin not only moisturize and hydrate it but also give a youthful glow. Chia seeds being high in vitamin E helps in moisturizing the inner layer of the skin as well, delaying premature aging.

Therapeutic Properties Being loaded with minerals such as zinc, chia seeds are the perfect antioxidants that heals the skin and keeps it free from all bacterial and fungal infections. It also repairs dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new ones.

Makes Skin Glow Chia seeds for skin are miraculous as omega 3 fatty acids present in them aids in increasing the collagen levels of the skin and makes it look radiant and glowing. Chia seeds also help in increasing the skin’s elasticity and firmness levels.

Prevents AcneUsing chia seeds in the form of face masks or scrubs or by consuming them with water regularly can improve the quality of skin. It will also help in foiling acne and pimples that are caused due to excess dirt and bacteria. Chia seeds for glowing skin is often suggested by dermatologists and beauty experts because they have the ability to reduce excess sebum production on the skin and make the skin look fresh and clean.

Hydrates Skin Chia seeds not only perk up the texture and tone of the skin, but also retain and locks in the moisture from the inner layers. Chia seed oil for skin is very effective if applied regularly as it helps moisturize dry skin areas like elbow and knees, making them pliable and spongy.

Works As Natural Serum Chia oil for skin is also a natural serum that absorbs in the layers easily and keeps them healthy and glowing from inside. Chia oil supports healthy cell function and keeps the free radicals at bay.